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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meeting Sam

This was the moment we were looking forward to most after Sam was born: to watch as the girls' met Sam for the first time.

The twins had a decent notion of what was going on. They understood that mommy had a baby in her tummy and that he was coming out soon. Julia didn't have quite the same grasp of the situation, but she knew roughly was going on.

Genna, by rights of her overwhelming enthusiasm, got to hold Sam first (she shouldered and elbowed her way to the front of the line). She just could not stop smiling and touching and pressing her cheek against him. Sam, for his part, seemed unphased and unimpressed.

Kate got to hold her new brother next. And though she wasn't as vociferous (squealy, really) in her exclaiming over the baby, she was no less excited and thrilled. She was aglow while basking in his babiness. Sam, for his part, seemed unphased and unimpressed.

Julia came last, though certainly not least. For those of you who know Julia, you'll recall that she was born with an intense baby hunger. She trembles with excitement at seeing them and shrieks when denied access to them.

I believe her smile says it all. She was in heaven with her 'baby bwudah' (alternatively, her 'littoh bwudah'). Again, Sam, for his part, seemed unphased and unimpressed.

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Chelsa said...

We'll sick fraggle-haired Maggie on him. She'll phase and impress him.