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Monday, January 21, 2008

Down to Disney Business

We spent last weekend at Disneyland with my folks. It's our annual trip. And, at least for the girls (and Annie and I, by default), it is a princess-filled event. So let's get straight to business.

One of the highlights of the trip was the dinner with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto (California Adventures). You're given 80 minutes to dine on a four course meal, and...drum visited by princesses.

Your first encounter with with Ariel herself. She awaits you (as does an enormous crew of photographers and serving staff) at the base of the stairs, just before being seated. She's a good sport. Evidently, the rigors of running a kingdom (Eric's a slacker) and maintaining good relations with her father's realm, still give her time to visit with us povs (Sam, as always, was more interested in his fists than with the person holding him).

But it is during dinner that the fun really starts. One by one, the princesses are introduced. They wind their way through the tables and give each of the children attention.

Here are some of the highlights...

First we have the orphan-turned-princess, Cinderella. She's doing quite well, and was in fine spirits. She was even willing to share some of her regal authority (in the form of crowns) with my dad and Kate. So generous (so much like a princess...)

Next we had Belle make an appearance. She was very kind and sweet, but had to cut her visit short when she received a terse text message from the Beast.

Sleeping Beauty also graced us with her presence. She even knelt down so the girls could sit in her royal lap. When my brother tried to join in, she shooed him away (again, very princess-like).

Last, but not least, the fairest of them all came by. She, too, knelt down, and she, too, had to rebuff my brother's untoward advances. Someone's got to put a leash on Jared...

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Uncle Chrissy said...

The look on Genna's face in those pics is priceless. I love it! :)