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Friday, February 01, 2008


We served several tours of duty for Buzz Lightyear, operation code name: Astroblast. Emperor Zurg was our target each time. Operational satellite photos were taken of some of our missions.

In this first photo, you'll notice my mom manning the craft, with Kate and Julia serving as copilots. Mom seems to be trying to work the weapons system, and Kate as an observer. But their 'scores' (kill rankings) leave much to be desired.

These next to photos are of me with my copilots. You'll notice my intent gaze and masterful use of the blaster. You'll also notice how much my score improved. My copilots, however, didn't add much in the way of firepower. In the second photo, I've even taken off my coat, to be all the more unencumbered and lethal. That is dedication.

(where are these cameras by the way? I didn't even know they were taking any shots...and I feel like a dork, even if a valiant dork)

And then we have Andrea. Kelly seems to be enjoying the battle, along with Julia. But Annie, well, she and Sam haven't even bothered picking up their blaster. Instead, she seems to have spotted the camera and stares back in derision. Do you care nothing for galactic peace, Annie?

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Uncle Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of you with the coat off is going in our next "JustinTime" production. It's perfect! I seriously cracked up at the annoyed, pissed off expression Annie has on. Looks like she really LOVES that attraction!