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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ladies on an Elephant

Some more shots from Discovery Kingdom.

Annie and the girls got to ride one of the elephants. I stood at the sidelines with Sam (who is a bigoted elephantophobe) and took photos.

I can tell you this much: you never realize how big an elephant is until you see your family on top of one. Conversely, I'm sure the elephant went back to his buddies at the end of his shift and said, "You never realize how puny humans are until you've got a family of them on your back."

You'll note everyone's glee (save for the elephant and his goad-wielding handler). I was thrilled too: this is the closest my family has ever come (yet) to reenacting Hannibal's invasion of the Roman Empire.

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Anonymous said...

Another thing you never realzie until you are on a elephant, is their smell. Stinky comes to mind. Also they really rock back and forth. How did those guys aim from the back of them