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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holding Ben

Annie has enlisted the aid of the twins so that she doesn't have to feed Ben so often (an onerous task, as anyone can attest to). When one of her soap operas comes on, or she's preparing for her daily nap, or she wants to go to the mall for some 'mommy time', she warms up a bottle, picks up hungry Ben, and commandeers a twin.

Thankfully, they're good sports about it. They even seem to enjoy it. Here's Kate, equipped with diaper rag, bottle, and a boppy pillow. And a smile. There's a trooper.

I'm not sure what Genna's smile here is all about. But it can't be good. Not for Ben. Not for the family. Not for humanity. But we're just glad that she's finally earning her keep.

On a side note, Ben has learned how to fly. He's done so earlier than expected. Julia was our earliest flyer, but since we've been told that boys are slower in developing, we thought we had another month or so before he became airborne. Not so. Luckily I was there on his first flight. I was able to seize him as he passed by the kitchen table before he came down for a landing. The first landings are always so painful.


swish said...

Awww, those pictures are great! Where's the one of Sammy feeding Ben? Doesn't he do that all the time?

Uncle Chrissy said...

I'm Uncle Chrissy, not swish. :)

Grandma said...

Glad you caught Ben! Learning to land can be troublesome. I'm glad the twins like to help. They are such sweeties, I don't care what you say about Genna!