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Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Lichen and Barnacles

I've shown how this happens before: if you leave anything alone for too long in our house, it begins to sprout ornaments, like lichen on a weather-beaten chunk of rock, or barnacles on the hull of a ship.

Such was the case with this cabinet we had in our family room for but a couple of days. We decided we didn't want it there, so I went to move it back to the garage. But before doing so, I peeked inside. Sure enough, the girls had made a little display of necklaces and bracelets inside. Though, it does look quite a bit like a shrine...

This is perhaps the most extreme example. Ben remained too still for too long. We came in to find that the girls had draped some shear, blue cloth over the structure of his play mat, and had even piled stuff animals on his chest (you can see a turtle in there). Ben, for his part, didn't seem to mind.

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