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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Papa's Tricks

Kelly was complaining that I was giving Genna short-shrift in my posts lately. How dare you accuse me of favoritism, Kelly! HOW DARE YOU! It just so happens that Julia has been my favorite for the past week - until she began vomiting on me. Now it is Genna. Gee, I hope my kids never read my blog ...

Here is a three-photo spread of Genna to demonstrate the favor she has in my eyes right now. Undoubtedly, she will enter some new phase of tantrum-throwing within the week, so the mantle of Favorite Child will pass to Kate. But, in the meantime, let us return to Dillon Beach and look at some cute Genna and Papa (Grandpa Walker) photos.

Follow this sequence to see how clever Papa is. When you want to spend quality time with your grandchild, invite her to the water's edge. Few things are as alluring to a child as the surf.

The child, Genna in this case, will be so eager to play in the surf, that her pants will become soaked and sand-filled, leaving you with no option but to remove them. But how does this benefit Papa?

Easy! A pantless Genna will become very cold in Northern California waters. Only wrapping her in spare sweatshirts and snuggling her will restore her core temperature. Clever Papa. And, of course, you can see that Genna doesn't begrudge this sequence of events one bit.

We have much to learn from those generations who have gone before us. I wonder if Papa has any tricks to get little girls not to throw-up on you.


Chelsa said...

It's true, Genna has been somewhat out of the Raging Wombat spotlight recently. There were two or three weeks there, however, where her epic battle with Chicken Elmo was your only subject. I feature Max on our blog much more frequently than Ian or either cat, but I have taught them to supress their feelings of inadequecy.

Raging Wombat said...

In Max's defense, there is an awful lot to post on him. Tell Ian you will start posting on him more often if he poops his pants or takes to drooling and sleeping in cute positions. None of those are likely to happen for another 50 years or so, though.

Chelsa said...

and even then, the cuteness will be debatable.

Anonymous said...

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