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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life Lessons

Some friends of ours own a ranch, complete with yard full of chickens. We took our girls in there to give them a taste of farm life, and all three loved it. Julia, in particular, loved the chickens.

Here she is observing the chickens being fed. Hmm. Chickens so close...what's a two-year-old to do?

Then it dawns on her. Can't you see the delight on her face?

She must chase them, of course. No creature on earth reacts to a good chase as well as a chicken. But Julia didn't just chase them, she terrorized them (as seen in her menacing arm-raising).

But guess what happens when you chase chickens, Julia? They soon realize, with even their minimal intelligence, to stay clear of you.

Here she stands, looking around the now empty chicken yard, wondering where her toys have gotten off to.

Julia, you will find that people behave in much the same way. The more you chase them, especially with arms raised, the less likely they are to hang out with you. Take this as a lesson learned.

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Chelsa said...

I've actually had the opposite experience with chickens -- I find them to be bloodthirsty creatures who gang up on each other and on me (on the rare occasions when I've tried to hang out with them). Maybe I have not raised my arms with enough enthusiastic menace.