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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Bit Late...

I know these photos are a good three weeks late, but I had to post on them. I just love this sequence.

Here are the girls smiling pleasantly at the camera (saying cheese, actually--the smiling is a by-product).

But then the goofiness sets in. Here they are making a blend of angry/sad faces. That expression comes readily to Julia. Note Kate's floppy legs.

And last, the goofiest of all. Open-mouthed and...something. Again, note Kate's floppy leg. She's notoriously double-jointed, and it freaks me out. Don't call Child Protective Services, please.


Anonymous said...

Double jointed...uh....right. As I always have said, a Mutant father will have mutant children. The police are on their way...freak.

Shannon said...

Double jointed? It looks like her leg is on backwards!

Uncle Chrissy said...

That's kinda freaky looking, J! The other pics are super cute though, if that makes you feel better. :)