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Friday, December 14, 2007

Eat Your Heart Out, Griswald

For years now, my dad has labored for hours and wracked up obscene utilities bills each Christmas season to bedeck the family house with Christmas lights and ornamentation to bedazzle drivers-by. Each year he has upped the ante, adding more lights, reindeer, over-sized Christmas presents, a star high on the antenna (visible from I80), and even a penguin sailing scene (you saw what I wrote, a penguin sailing scene). This year he even got his hands on a 40+ foot lift to assist in his madness. In recent years, he has earned an honorable mention in the Davis Enterprise's Christmas lights competition, even showing up on the map of places to see.

But now, for the first time ever, my dad has earned FIRST PRIZE in the Christmas light competition! He got interviewed by one of the paper's reporters. He is the best! Top dog! Every other house pales (dims?) in comparison. Now doubt he will soon appear on the Today Show, and Good Morning America, and Larry King Live, and MTV's Cribz.

I urge all of you who live nearby to drive by his place (at night time, silly) to admire, ooh and ah, and leave donations in his mailbox.

Well done, dad. Clark Griswald never had anything on you.


stina said...

Cool! Let's see some pictures!

Chelsa said...

I agree. Posting this news without including pictures is just mean.

Scooter said...

We can get people together to help your father. I cant believe Davis lets him get away with burning so much energy. Is you Dad buying carbon credits to offset his wasteful habits? Somewhere a small monkey has gone extinct

Raging Wombat said...

Scooter, my dad sends $20 a day to Al Gore for each day he has the lights up.