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Thursday, December 20, 2007

At the Beach

These beach photos seem a bit out of place in a December post, but they are recent. We took the kids to the beach last month for our wedding anniversary and had a blast, despite the best efforts of the fog and the driving wind.

Our first beach encounter involved hundreds upon hundreds of beached and rotting jelly fish. I had Julia squat down next to one to give a sense of proportion. She ended up eating three of them before we could stop her.

Despite the damp cold, the twins had no qualms about entering the surf. Genna quickly took up her sea sprite dance. Once she was done with that, Kate and Genna enjoyed a good hour of running from the surf and screaming, chasing the surf and screaming, falling down and screaming, getting back up and squealing, splashing each other and squealing...

... and then resting in quiet contemplation.

They sat for quite some time side by side, deep in conversation. I don't know what they were talking about, but no doubt it involved princesses, rainbows, the war in Iraq, jewelry, environmental conservation, Polly Pockets, unicorns, and immigration policy.

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