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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Amazing Cheez-It

Cheez-Its are one of my favorite crackers. I can eat them all day long. Every so often I find two that are stuck together. Once or twice I think I've found 3 that didn't get caught by quality control and remained fused.

But how many of you can claim, like my nephew Carter, to have found five, count them FIVE, crackers stuck together in a plank of cheesy goodness. None of you, that's how many. Carter was so pleased with his discovery that he sent it along to me so that I might post on its splendor. I was in awe when I first saw it, and I determined that it deserved a whirlwind tour of the house.

Come, follow the Cheez-It.

First we have it in the oven, alone on the rack in a position of honor. Of course, this is a manufactured scene -- like any of us are capable of crafting such a delicious snack ourselves.

And here we have Carter himself, the proud discoverer of the phenomenon. He's like Christopher Columbus, or Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Edison. Three little diminutive princesses came out to present the snack. How nice of them.

Cinderella is a jealous princess and wanted some time alone with the Cheez-It. I found her in the corner, standing by a blown-glass flower, gazing lovingly at the cracker that is nearly as tall as she is. I took it away and gave Cinderella a time out for not sharing.

Next, I presented the Cheez-It to Auntie Kelli and Auntie Karri. If the tabletop looks a bit like a shrine, what with the candles and the pride of place by the front door, that's because it is a shrine. And the Cheez-It is a worthy offering. Bye bye, twins.

Next, I took the Cheez-It outside to get some sun. Here it is soaking up the rays.

But when the turtle started showing interest in it, it was time to take it back inside. Naughty turtle.

Julia got her hands on it next. Or rather, her head. I thought she had outgrown wearing her food. But I was wrong.

I tried to draw the Cheez-It with a Magna-Doodle. But my drawing didn't look nearly as delicious.

I left the Cheez-It for just a moment, and wouldn't you know it. Cinderella stole it again. She was even trying to flee with it inside her carriage. This time, after I took the cracker away, I took Cinderella's head off and fed it to Sam. That'll show Cinderella.

But Cinderella eventually apologized and decided to share. Here she is, along with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Such a lovely group. I'm sure Carter would be very proud.

And last but not least, here's a picture of a metallic ballerina holding the Cheez-It as she dances. Such a beautiful, precious moment.

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