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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Follow Up Cheez-It Post

And now, the much anticipated follow up to the uber-Cheez-It post.

Carter was very proud of his Cheez-It
So proud, he wanted to eat it

I was going to start a poem there, but I'm not clever enough.

Anyway, here he is taking his first bite. Look at the glee on his face. Such joy! And can you blame him? This is a five-banger Cheez-It, people! Who wouldn't be happy? Such an honor...

But by the time he has made it through half of the cracker log, something isn't sitting quite right. The glee melts off his face as he considers what might be wrong.

Oh no! His stomach is rejecting the cracker! Is it too much cheese? Too much joy? Has the cracker seen too much of the world, and won't stand for being eaten now? Who knows? But look at the agony on Carter's face! Have you ever seen such pain, such an urgent need to empty one's stomach?

Poor Carter spins to the nearest potted tree (poor Ficus tree) and is forced to his knees as the Cheez-It tries to come back up.

And I was there to capture it all on film (wel, SD card).

1 comment:

ktmay said...

Okay I just laughed more reading your blog than any blog I have ever visited. Please be my blog buddy, LOL. Just when I thought that cheez-it blog couldn't get more ridiculous, you kept going. I DIG THAT. It moved into the realm of absurdly hilarious as far as I'm concerned....and usually only my husband can take a joke that hat is off to the queen of "cheez"