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Friday, October 07, 2005

Are Arabs Anti-American?

Here is an article that Alan forwarded to me. Quite an insight on American-Arab relations. Thanks Alan.

Here is a snippet from (though I recommend you read the whole text):

by Amir Taheri
New York Post September 30, 2005

... America is by far the largest pole of attraction for Arab foreign investment at all levels, from public-sector funds to small private savings accounts. The most conservative estimates put the value of Arab assets in the United States at over $4.5 trillion, which puts the Arab countries just behind Britain, Japan and Holland as the biggest investors in the U.S. economy.
The United States is also one of the top three trading partners of virtually all Arab states. In fact, many U.S.-made goods (cars, for example) that don't sell anywhere else still enjoy robust markets in Arab countries.
Then, too, America has been the No. 1 foreign tourist destination for Arabs since the 1980s, and has remained so despite restrictions imposed on Arab visitors after 9/11. Arabs from all walks of life and of all political sensibilities also love to send their children to study in America. And when it comes to seeking medical treatment, no country competes with the United States in attracting well-heeled Arabs.
If she takes time to stroll in Arab capitals, Hughes would be struck by the ubiquitous presence of things American. It is possible to spend a holiday in most Arab capitals without moving out of the orbit of American-franchised hotels, restaurants, tourist services and banks. A stroll in modern shopping malls would reveal a population wearing American-style clothing, including baseball caps, with Motorola mobile phones pressed to ears, as New Orleans jazz plays in the background. She could sip one of those coffees the choice of which requires a PhD at a Starbucks, or indulge herself in a Hagen-Dazs of her choice.
More than 70 percent of what's broadcast on Arab TV stations (including those regarded as "obsessively anti-American") is U.S.-made; 80 percent of the films shown in Arab cinemas are made in Hollywood. There are more than two dozen English dailies, all using the American version of the language. Go through them, and you see that much of the content comes from U.S. agencies and syndication services ...

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Ian said...

Speaking as someone who knows alot of persians (not arabs mind you, totaly different culture, but middle eastern none the less), In my non scientific just looking around and talking to people, people have the following attitude toward America. Love the crack, hate the dealer. They feel "the American people" are pretty good, but ill informed. They think the American government is totaly crazy evil, and that Americans are unaware. Indians seem to think we are lazy and rich. Thats the result of my Davis laymens poll for those that care.