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Monday, October 31, 2005

An awful note on penguins.

This was just forwarded to me by Ian Tillman. Previously, I had thought that penguins were largely harmless and comical creatures. How wrong I was. This is the text from Ian: "Here is an example of penguin mischief. Every year several lives are lost to penguins and penguin related violence. This is mostly do to penguins playing violent video games and dungeons and dragons. It sends them into a murderous rage! The poor walruses...well see for yourself. "

If my sources are correct, these penguins had just been playing a video game called "Grand Theft Artic." We must put a stop to such senseless killing.


Ian said...

That was a good little pic if I may say so myself. I timed it...6 min on that one. At work too.

Raging Wombat said...

Well done, Ian. As you know, I have always been impressed by your ability to dipict penguins in all manner of horrifying displays.