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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Riding in Cars with Girls

We've had a number of troubles with our van recently. The litany of problems include: a busted power steering pump ($800), a broken water pump ($180), and a cracked radiator hose ($280). With our van out of commission, we have had to turn to Annie's parents to use their spare car, or use my Corolla to haul the kids around.

Here are all three girls in their carseats in the back of my car. My Toyota wasn't really designed for this use. But then, most cars aren't meant to have three carseats in them. They sure liked how close they were to mom and dad, since they are used to their place on the back bench of our van.

We're just happy to have our van back. We're looking forward to the additional troubles it will present us with. Life would be too easy if your cars simply worked, right? Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Ford Motor Company.


Auntie Kelly said...

My little nieces are so cute. Great picture of Genna.

Raging Wombat said...

I agree with both sentiments

Chelsa said...

Cute, and apparently easily and pleasantly compactible.