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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Climbing and Jumping

Julia remains an undaunted climber and jumper. She puts mountain goats to shame. We thought on Sunday that that might come to an end, though.

We were getting ready for church when Julia began crying. She hardly ever cries in pain, so we knew this was a doozy. Sure enough, in the process of leaping onto her pink futon she had slammed her forehead on her rocking chair. There was an immediate black dent where rocking-chair-arm had collided with julia-forehead. It looked awful. Annie iced it, and we consoled ourselves b by saying that she would be fine, and that maybe she had finally learned that not all things are made for climbing and jumping.

We were only half right.

She turned out just fine, but she is back to her same antics. In fact, she healed so well that I am wondering if she has a genetic mutation ala Wolverine. I'm keeping her out of Canadian government hands, that's for sure.


Chelsa said...

Oh, Justin. You know that I am duty- and honor-bound to report any and all potential recruits to my Canadian superiors. With the climbing skills and the rapid hair-growth, Julia shows abilities that I am afraid we cannot ignore. Expect two to five mounties to show up at your door sometime soon.

Raging Wombat said...

Dangit! I forgot that you're Canadian. Maybe we can strike a deal. I don't want to experience the Canadian equivalent of waterboarding.

Uncle Chrissy said...

Poor baby. :( She amazes me with her climbing and jumping skills. You'll definitely have to enroll her in gymnastics in a couple of years!

Raging Wombat said...

We've already signed her up for Cirque de Sole.