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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Racial Relations

During the last half Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, I spent my time in the foyer rocking an exhausted Julia to sleep. Annie remained in the chapel with the twins and was enjoying everyone bearing their testimonies.

An African-american man approached the podium and began speaking. Kate, who was sitting in Annie's lap, chose that moment to open a new chapter in racial relations. She pointed at him, and said, "Mommy, that boy looks like chocolate pudding! He's brown. They match!" She was genuinely excited for the lucky man (boy in her mind) who had such a natural affinity for tasty chocolate pudding.

Annie tried her best to suppress Kate's commentary, and her own laughter. It was hilarious, but we hope no one else overheard.


Chelsa said...

Kids think that comparisons to treats are always compliments. When I was pregnant with Max, one of the preschool kids told me that they liked me because I was round like a pumpkin. I was not overly pleased, but the kid clearly thought that they had said something that should have made anyone's day.

Kelly said...

Hey Kate takes after her Auntie Shannon. "Look Mommy a baby, a black one."