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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Santa's Lap

Each Christmas brings new developments on the Santa front. It's always interesting to see how our girls are going to react to being placed in a stranger's lap. I normally don't approve of such behavior, but I make exceptions for Santa.

The twins were reluctant at first, but Kate decided to venture forth and give the old man her wish list, which was simply "Twelve Dancing Princesses." He had better deliver.

Genna went next. She overcame her reluctance by keeping an eye on me the whole time. She, too, asked for "Twelve Dancing Princesses." For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a DVD from the makers of Barbie. Also a very healthy activity I want them to engage in: straight from a stange man's lap to sit in front of the boob-tube to watch Barbie propaganda. Nice.

Last came poor Julia. She wasn't as brave as her sisters, though I feel she displayed more sense. Her Christmas wish list consisted of "get me outta here."

Annie tried to soothe her (and no, Annie isn't sitting in Santa's lap - that's just the camera angle...or so she tells me.) She tried to point out daddy (who was busy snapping photos of Julia's fright), but Julia would not be placated. I hope she continues to have this reaction to strange men as she enters her teenage years. I won't have to wield my shotgun as often.


Shannon said...

I think Julia was probably upset and horrified over what her sisters asked for from Santa.

Chelsa said...

Is Santa holding a dijery-doo? Or a rainstick? Because I think I may have some insight into Julia's crying, if so.

Kelly said...

Not even her blankie could soothe her. I second Shannon's comment though, the twelve dancing pricesses scare me, though not as much as the antics of Shannon's barbies did when we were little. It's no wonder that she has all these creepy nightmares now, Ken was always capturing barbie and suspending her from various furniture about the room.

Raging Wombat said...

Chelsa, I believe it is the fabled Scepter of Power. Though it could be a digerido...

My sisters may have it right on. Julia may be wise beyond her years.