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Friday, December 01, 2006

I Get PAID to Blog

You wouldn't know it from my recent darth of blog material here, but I do get paid for blogging. Yesterday I got my first check ever from Google. $101.32, baby! That's right. Ugly Overload is turning in to a CASH COW!

Not really. I'm earning about $0.50 per hour while blogging. But it's still nice to see some of it paying off. My only fear is that all of you will turn away from me because I'm crazy rich now and you'll feel awkward being my friend. Don't worry, though. I intend to blow all of it on meth and a beach house in Malibu. I'll be back to being a pov in no time. You can visit me in rehab and bankruptcy court.


Andrea Lindsay said...

Hey Babe! You are so AWESOME for making all that cash from your blogs!!!! I haven't looked at this one in a while, so this is fun. I love you, and hope you have a great day!

Love, Annie

Raging Wombat said...

My wife just read my blog. THAT is what makes this all worth it.

I love you, too.

Love, Justin

Uncle Chrissy` said...

I read it too. That's like...double the goodness. I miss the everyday posts on this site. I feel sad when I log on and there's nothing new. I really need to keep up on mine. I've been a major slacker.

Raging Wombat said...

I do plan on getting better.

Colleen said...

How long did it take to get to that amount? Was it with Adsense? If so...I'm guessing...3 years of blogging? Hee hee!

(Have you tried PayPerPost, instead?)

Raging Wombat said...

Actually, it did take about a year. :)

Things have picked up quite a bit lately, so that has been nice. At my current rate, it will take less than six months for the next check to show up. Not much, but it pays for a few movie tickets.

I haven't tried PayPerPost, though I have wanted to. Looks very intriguing. Have you?