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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eggs and Corndogs Needed

Our household has recently received an infusion of two more Japanese men (exchange students, for those of you who need clarification). Both are very nice and we are happy to have them. But as is always the case, such additions to the family always result in sitcom-worthy escapades. I shall devote this post to two such events, both of them surrounding food (as they so often do).

On their first night here I asked if they liked egg salad. They both said yes (they speak very good English, so I'm sure they understood me), so I hard-boiled nine eggs. I then told them I would be making the salad the next day. But when I got home from work, all the eggs were gone. My students had eaten all nine of them for breakfast. Don't know what to make of that.

Then last night we had another over-eating incident. Since Annie and I were going to be gone attending a session at the Sacramento Temple, Annie left the boys with a note, stating that they could partake of the new box of corndogs we had placed in the freezer for them. This morning Annie checked the box to see how many they were gone. Our two students had managed to eat fourteen of them! We don't know if they had them all for dinner, or if they saved some for breakfast, but we were very impressed.

In the end, this is a financial tip. It's time to buy stock in eggs and Foster Farms corndogs.


Chelsa said...

Bleh. Too many eggs and corndogs = bad-smelling students. On an unrelated note, why do you always get students whose names rhyme? I am thinking about changing my name so that it rhymes with Ian's, because I am afraid that we will no longer be allowed to hang out with you otherwise.

Raging Wombat said...

You've seen the pattern, then. Seven and Kevin. Yuma and Kazuma.

The exchange program directors know that we won't allow any pairing of students whose names don't rhyme. So they don't even bother.

Ian said...

H'm, at 190 Calories a piece, 7 corndogs each comes to a whopping 1330 calories each. It boggles the mind. Of course, I ate poorly in my 20s too.

stina said...

Holy schnikes.

Kelly said...

I think that you should keep record of all the crazy things that your students eat. I think that we might gain further insite into why Asians always win Coney Island hotdog eatting championship.

Russ said...

I have to agree with Kelly. Any chance your students are related to Takeru Kobayashi?