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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Twins in the Sand

Julia wasn't the only one fascinated by the sand. No, it captivates even three-year-olds. But we reached a new milestone as a family this year. This trip marks the first time the twin didn't eat the sand. They've outgrown it!

I don't know what synapse kicked in to stop the sand-eating behavior, but I'll take it. Clean up is so much easier, and Annie and I spend a lot less time swatting clumps of sand from their paws.

Instead, the girls have learned that putting sand in buckets is a very rewarding experience. Here is Kate smiling for the camera. She's learned to compound her joy by using the two bucket method. Very nice.

You'll notice that everyone is bundled up. It wasn' the sunniest or summeriest of days.

Genna stuck with the traditional single-bucket technique, though she did more than her share of knocking over the other kids' sand piles. That is another behavior I'm looking forward to them outgrowing.


Chelsa said...

As you know, some people never outgrow their desire to knock over others' sand piles. Ian still has to be restrained nine times out of ten.

Raging Wombat said...

Ian has destroyed more than one of my attemps at building sandcastles. No doubt.