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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

San Cawz! San Cawz!

This sunday Julia used her ever-increasing vocabulary to embarass the family. It was during Sacrament meeting, and we were busy listening to the speaker (or doing our best with three small girls to keep corralled). Julia looked over Annie's shoulder and began calling out, "San Cawz! San Cawz!"

That's how Julia pronounces 'Santa Claus.' And she kept saying it, over and over again. "San Cawz! I see you! I see you!"

Looking behind us, we could see that there was a white-haired, white-beared man wearing a red suit. But Julia wouldn't stop. People behind us started laughing, and even the Bishop, who was sitting up front, began to smile.

I took her out of the meeting, and only came back in towards the end. As soon as I sat down, Julia looked over my shoulder, and spotted San Cawz again. "San Cawz! I see you!" She paused, then, "San Cawz night night! San Cawz tired!." Sure enough, a quick glance back revealed that San Cawz was dozing off. He was busted by a nineteen-month-old.


Chelsa said...

Okay, I know a handful of men who have white beards and spectacles. There's nothing too weird about that. But who has an all-red suit? And, having an all-red suit, who wears it to church, or anywhere except the disco? San Cawz was just begging to be called out by Julia, I think.

Raging Wombat said...

It is funny. The guy goes out of his way to look like santa, even out of season. He's really nice.

And, yes, it was an all red suit - slacks, jacket, and all. I don't know who would make one, but I do now know who would wear one.

Ian said...

Wow...that was way funny.

Russ said...

After the meeting I went and talked to Steve(Santa)We had a funny little chat about Julia. It was the pure joy and innocenne in heard her voice which made it so cute. Hey ,the only guy is less than 3 weeks post global crossing. of course he's beat

Kelly said...

Julia is one of his biggest fans. I can't imagine getting to meet one of my heros, much less getting to attend church with him. Pretty cool