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Friday, June 12, 2009

Backyard Shenanigans

What is it that Genna is so masterfully rolling? Or Kate, with her careful consideration before applying the paint?

How about Julia, with her deft strokes of the brush?

Why is Sammy dressed up for hard labor, with his Spiderman hat on backwards and his pink apron on? Why the broom and smile?

What is it that I'm working on? Why have I so cleverly sunk and leveled six cinder blocks? (Notice how well I've sucked in my gut...just enough to cause people to think, "Well, he's not as chunky as I thought he was," but not so much that you know I'm sucking my gut in).

Why, we're building a playhouse of course! There's Sam once again, having shed his work clothes in favor of his play clothes, though prematurely: we hadn't put the roof on by this point. Nevertheless, I can understand his enthusiasm.

We've warned the kids about playhouses. I told them how I watched a show in my childhood about a certain man and his playhouse, and I've told the girls to let me know if any of their playhouse furniture becomes sentient or even animated. We'll have none of those shenanigans in our yard, thank you very much.

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