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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Posing With Sharks

Kate is the consummate poser, in the best sense. I can't catch her at a bad time. She's always ready to strike a pose. More often than not, though, she asks me to get the camera out and snap some shots. Even if there's no good reason.

For instance, here she is with the boys during breakfast. Can you ask for a more mundane setting? Yet, she manages to infuse her charm into the scene (I just realized that the mirror over her head reveals that I have no reflection -- don't tell Annie).

Or how about when she's engrossed watching the Shouka show? Nope, a quick shout to her, and she's got a quick-draw smile ready. Her twin (conjoined?) looks on, unconcerned with the camera.

But what about the Shark Experience? She stood next to the shark jaws and asked me to take a picture. Quick as lighting, she had her hands clasped, her head tilted, and her smile beaming. The terror I might have rightly felt in the presence of these fierce hunters was allayed by Kate's charms. She could gentle the meanest of us.

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