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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Boys

If Sam were better versed in American jurisprudence, or perhaps in the insurance industry jargon of his grandfather, he might have been able to craft a worthwhile defense for why he was on the table. He could have cited the principle of 'attractive nuisance' in regards to the Nilla wafers and how we pretty much asked him to clamber atop the table to access them.

Thankfully, Sam as a two year old could only resort to trying to charm his mother. His charms only managed to delay his punishment and revocation of Nilla privileges for the length of time it took for Annie to take this picture.

Ben, too, was has been up to no good. He's recently discovered that the grate to the fireplace isn't properly locked. This isn't so much a discipline issue with Ben, seeing as he's only acting out the natural curiosity of his natural eight-month-old self. It's a safety issue. Not for Ben or us, since there's nothing he can do to the actual fireplace settings. Rather, it's the equipment's safety I'm concerned about. Things with hinges rarely survive long in the presence of a wee bairn.

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