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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Raging Wombat

One of my coworkers has an Aussie friend. When she inquired about wombats, the Aussie responded in an email (and I quote):

"anyhoo, my wombat story goes like this..... when i was bout 15 i was out snow-skiing, when i happened to take a bit of a tumble while going down this particular run. when i regained myself i found i'd nearly hit a wombat which was in the snow only a metre or 2 from where i was lying. i'd never seen one this close before and it was making a wierd noise which is what got my attention. later i realised it was actually hissing/growling at me! when i tried to get up and move it charged at me and bit me!! it bit me once on the knee, only made a small cut but managed to rip a fairly decent hole in my ski-pants!! so there you go, they may look all cute n cuddly, but those fat little buggers can get quite aggressive if they want too!! ha ha."

See, I told you. Beware the Wombat!

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Alan said...

That is awesome!