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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jaunty Jelly Beans

If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, then the Jelly Belly factory is almost the happiest place on earth. Here's the whole clan kneeling and posing for a picture while waiting for the tour to start. I say almost happiest because all of us are smiling, save for the scowling Julia. I don't think she appreciated the close proximity of so many tons of delicious jelly beans, but much is lost on sub-two-year-olds. She further defied us by refusing to wear her hat.

To compensate for Julia's lack of enthusiasm, I elected to wear my hat at a jaunty angle. That got a few looks from some of my fellow tour-goers, but I think in the end I was everyone's favorite.


Chelsa said...

you are well-known for your jauntiness. perhaps that's why Julia opted not to wear a hat-- she knew the competition would be fierce.

Raging Wombat said...

You may know my little Julia better than I. You may know me better than I.

Uncle Chrissy said...

I like that jaunty hat, it makes you look way more piratey. :D