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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quiet Time

Though the twins just turned four, they still enjoy the occassional nap (don't we all). We've found, though, that if we change the name 'nap time' into 'quiet time' they are much more likely to comply and lay down.

Here is Genna after several hours of 'quiet time' - which evidently involved reading every Curious George book ever written and snuggling with a pair of beanie baby cats. I think we need to further train her on the proper usage of pillows. She seems to prefer to lie on them with her whole body rather than just with her head. We have so much to teach them that pillow-use has been relegated to second-tier priority status. That's our fault.


Uncle Chrissy said...

I love love love that picture! She looks so big but still so snuggly when she's sleeping, it makes me want to hold her. I can't wait for our trip! I gotsta get my loves on! That's definitely one for her baby book.

Raging Wombat said...

Yes. Snuggly in the extreme!