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Thursday, March 06, 2008


We had a catastrophe on our hands a couple days ago.

Kate lost horsey.

While at Sears getting Sam's photo taken, horsey became MIA. A Search and Rescue team was assembled and dispatched at once, consisting of Grandma and Auntie Kelly. Their only lead: Kate reported that she last saw horsey in a blue cart. That meant any cart in Sears.

Grandma and Kelly scrambled, first checking the outside carts. But there were only two, and both were empty. That meant that the horsey-holding cart had been taken inside by a customer. Bad news. They made their way inside and contacted the Sears staff, but there was no horsey in Lost and Found. More bad news. Undaunted, the team penetrated deeper into Sears with the mission of checking every blue cart in sight.

They had just given up hope when Kelly approached an abandoned cart in the middle of the store. There, all alone, rested Kate's precious horsey.

Catastrophe was averted by the quick action of Grandma and Auntie Kelly.

Now, Kate has a lot of stuffed animal friends, as evidenced by this photo. But if you look at either of them, you'll see horsey's pink, dingy rear end on the top of the heap in Kate's lap. Even amidst so much competition, horsey is always close at hand.

If you see Grandma or Auntie Kelly on the street, be sure to congratulate them on a job well done.


Chelsa said...

When I was about Kate's age, I had a much-loved doll named "Ernie In The Pink Nightgown" -- it was an Ernie (you know, Bert's friend) doll that I had for some reason dressed in a pink nightie. Once I lost Ernie In The Pink Nightgown in a department store, and my mother had to shamefacedly ask the cashier, who then had to shamefacedly ask the entire store via loudspeaker, if anyone had seen an Ernie doll on the loose wearing a pink nightgown. Ernie was returned within a few minutes. Apparently no one wanted a cross-dressing, nap-prone Sesame Street Icon on their hands long term. Except me. I still have him.

Raging Wombat said...

The parallels are uncanny.