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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kate Update

It turns out that the nature of Kate's broken arm wasn't properly reported to us by the ER staff during her initial visit.

The follow-up meeting with orthopedics revealed that her fracture isn't a minor one to her radius. Rather, it is a significant one to her humerus, on a growth plate. That being the case, Annie and I are taking her in for surgery tomorrow morning to have two pins drilled into her bone. The procedure will last about an hour, and Kate will awaken to a full arm cast, mommy and daddy, and several princess DVDs to occupy her time.

It's a routine procedure, and unless I am wrong--and I am never wrong--all should go well. But your prayers are appreciated.

Will update.


Chelsa said...

We will be thinking about you guys. Give Kate a kiss for us.

Alan said...

We'll be sure to keep Kate, and the rest of you in our prayers.

stina said...

Hope things went well today. We're thinking of you!