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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Look at this picture. Do you see Genna anywhere? I'll bet you don't.

When I went looking for her, all I could hear was laughter and squealing, and protestations that she wasn't in the toy bin. I believed her, so I looked all around the room. I still couldn't find her.

And then, much to my amazement, she emerged from the very toy bin she claimed not to be in! How did she do that?

But it wasn't Genna that emerged. No, what emerged from the chrysalis that is the toy bin was Genevieve Grace Lindsay the Tricker. That is her new, self-appointed title. And it turns out that this new being is quite the tricker.

Genna will come up to us and announce that she hasn't brushed her teeth, but she actually had! And no, she hadn't picked up the play room, but she actually had! She gets us every time.

Annie and I don't mind these treacherous dealings at all. Each time she tricks us, it turns out she did do everything we asked her to do.

On the other hand, Julia has become Julia Violet the Tricker. Only, she claims to have brushed her teeth, and she hasn't. And she claims to have picked up the playroom, and she hasn't. This trickery isn't nearly as productive.

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Linda said...

That is hysterical!