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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Revelatory Easter

Easter at my folks' place was revelatory in regards to Kate, Genna, and Julia's nature.

Let me explain, no that will take too long. Let me sum up...

Kate (post-op, with the splint and sling), cruised the area where the easter bunny had left his chocolatey nuggets with delight. She, however, had interest in only one thing: candies that were wrapped in pink foil. She passed up mounds of other candies in her search for pink. Look into her bag for proof.

Julia, once told she could start hunting, paused after the first candy, unwrapped it, and stuffed it in her mouth. It took constant encouragement to have her take a break from eating the candy to go find more.

This short-sighted behavior is typical of two-year-olds (sheesh, almost three now). It's also typical of a girl who has an insatiable sweet tooth and lack of regard for herself (as seen in her willingness to climb anything, jump off anything, and unwillingness to hoard candy for future-Julia).

Look into her bag and you'll see lots of empty wrappers and bits of torn foil.

Genna grasped the purpose of the egg hunt with gusto. Telling her she could begin the hunt was like opening up the gates at a rodeo and letting the mad bull into the arena. She charged about, not discriminating as to color, and not bothering to eat. Her sole purpose was to ransack and pillage like a swarm of locusts, like the vikings of yore.

I was able to have her pause for this picture, and you can see that her eyes are wide and her pupils are dilated, like a lioness caught midstride as she charges a herd of wildebeests. That semi-smile is one of frenzied satisfaction.

You'll also note that her bag is the fullest.

We as a family have been steadily consuming the easter bunny's offerings. Kate and Julia's supplies have been nearly tapped out. But Genna's supply will take quite some time to exhaust.

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