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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gmail's New Service

Gmail is offering a new service as of today, April 1. You can send up to 10 pre-dated (choose whatever date or time your want) emails per year, going back to April 1, 2004, and even mark them read or unread. If they allowed you to do more, you would distrupt the universe's space-time continuum. Thankfully, they are using their e-flux capacitor to "resolve the issue of causality."

Check out the link above and read the testimonials.

I knew Google would be the first to invent time travel, even if it is only for email.

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Uncle Chrissy said...

Google always does something funny for April Fools' Day. My house played a good one on me today by clogging the sewer pipes with pee and poo. Oh, got me good!