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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Algae, Barnacles, and Toys

We've found that if we leave any flat surface unattended and within reach of the girls, it will soon sprout toys, tea sets, Polly Pocket scenes, and mini bedrooms.

I was busy installing a ceiling fan in the spare bedroom and left my workbench alone for only 20 minutes. But that was long enough for me to find this (note the chair in the background, too)...

If you leave standing water in the sun, you'll soon have algae. Leave your boat floating in the water, and you'll have barnacles. Leave me alone with an extra-large pizza, and I'll soon gain a couple of pounds. Such is the case with our living room table, sofa, and love seat; they start growing their own little ecosystems. Kate is usually the culprit, though her sisters are both aiders and abettors (Sam tends to undo their work).

Below is a scene I came across a couple of nights ago after I tucked the girls in. The love seat became a bed with a baby teddy bear (I say baby, because he has a diaper rag beneath him, just like Ben whenever we lay him down on furniture), and the table is an impromptu market and kitchen. Add a toilet, and you pretty much have a fully functioning domicile/place of business


Ian said...

Nice post! Also nice site redesign!

Raging Wombat said...

Thanks. You are too kind. See you Sunday.