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Sunday, January 04, 2009

What I Missed in 2008 - Part 2

I missed blogging on some of the little things. You know, things parents don't usually think to pay attention to. Things like your children's first day at school. I was there for it. I took time off work to see them off and take pictures. I just didn't share it. Once again, naughty blogger.

Kate and Genna were eager to be off, and here they are, hand-in-hand, wearing backpacks big enough to hold both their school work and their jet packs (which, we later found out, are prohibited on public campuses).

While staying with the Walkers, the girls (well, mainly Bob) planted sunflowers and watched them grow throughout the summer. I've heard that in ancient times, ninja would train by leaping over growing plants, so that every day their training would get harder as the plants grew. I tried doing this with my girls, but that only resulted in them almost getting impaled on those dangerous tomato frames.

(Please note the subtle Disney plug--Genna wearing a coveted Pocahontas dress)

Sam enjoyed his one year birthday at my folk's place. Here's the obligatory covered-in-cake shot. Though, frankly, I've seen worse. Much worse. I expect more of you, son!

But Sam made up for it by being bad elsewhere. And what's better, I didn't have to be there for it. Here's mama Jeanne restraining Sam while he got his first official haircut. It was a grueling ordeal, something akin to water boarding. Sam finally admitted to being Al Qaeda and even gave up the whereabouts of Osama's hidey hole. And he ended up with a slick haircut. (we'll be doing simple buzzes from here on).

I think Jeanne was happy to be part of Sam's torture because he had been such a nuisance around the house. It was her time to give Sam his comuppance. Here's one such instance of there almost daily conflicts. Sam has always been fascinated by dishwashers. They are usually full of shiny pokey things, the adults are always filling it, and they're low enough for him to climb on. Here's Jeanne faced with the prospect of having the bull break her fancy dishwasher. See the horror and rage on her face?

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