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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Birthday Cake

The twins had their official three-year birthday party this week. It was early because we wanted to give preeminence to Julia's one-year birthday party next week.

Having three birthdays within a two-day spread isn't easy. You try it!

Every birthday is special, though, so Annie celebrated the event by baking some very special cakes. Check out her handiwork.

To make this, she removed the legs of a Barbie Cinderella doll (it was a gruesome procedure) and inserted the doll's torso into the top of a skirt-shaped cake that she made. Isn't it clever? She then dyed white frosting pink and blue and decorated the 'dress' by hand. She is quite talented, don't you think?

This Barbie doll looks more glamorous as a de-limbed, frosting-covered princess than as a her normal, ill-proportioned self.

The twins were thrilled with it. We had them wear their own princess dresses for the occasion (the whole party was princess-themed, much to my nephews's joy).

Though it looks as though we have set the princess aflame, rest assured that it is only the candles burning. We plan on reattaching her legs at a future date. It will be touch and go for a while, but we'll keep you posted on her status.


stina said...

Happy Birthday to the girls! And give Annie my compliments. The cake looks great!

Chelsa said...

Your burning barbie cake gave me a great idea -- we are going to do a "Wicker Man" celtic style theme to Max's birthday party this year!

Chelsa said...

As I look at that, I realize it might not be clear that I'm kidding.

Raging Wombat said...

Thanks Kristina - I'll pass on the compliments.

Chelsa - I always assume that any reference to a wicker man must be in jest. No worries.

Ian said...

No wicker man?

Raging Wombat said...

Nope. No wicker man. Sorry to disappoint.

mom said...

Beautiful cake, but Barbie's arms do look a little disporportionately long.

Raging Wombat said...

Mom, don't you know that this particular Barbie is marketed as the ape-limbed Barbie? She's all the rage right now. So hot right now.