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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Princess Style

In anticipation of the twins's birthday party, Annie wanted to take the girls to Great Clips to get their hair trimmed. How can you have a princess party if the princesses don't have their hair properly arranged? You can't.

Genna went first. She was reluctant, but the hair stylist's promise of lollypops was enough to convince her to climb into the chair. With enough oohing and aahing from us she really began to feel like royalty. Here she is smiling for the camera. As she would put it, "Hair so long!"

Genna is shorter than Kate. That's why it was interesting that the stylist was able to trim Genna's hair in the back while Genna was sitting, but then had to take Kate down to do the same job.

We realized that Genna has a longer torso, but shorter legs than Kate. The net difference: Kate's long dogs make her taller, though Genna's proportioning was more convenient for cutting hair.

It's interesting the little things you learn about your kids when you least expect to.

It's also interesting to note what dorky parent's we are. We took a camera to Great Clips! I can't blame Annie - I was just as excited to capture the moment for posterity.

It helps that our girls are so photogenic. Any modeling agents out there who want to take on some new talent?

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Chelsa said...

maybe all the modelling agents have been distracted by your luxurious, curly mullet.