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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Uncle Chrissy did some investigation (complete with Sherlock Homes hat and pipe) and discovered that the Chinese lady in my last post wasn't pregnant with quintuplets - the whole thing was a fraud! And I am a victim!

Evidently, she has had two previous pregnancies that have miscarried, so in an effort not to have her husband suffer through another disappointment, she concocted and then persisted in this ridiculous scam. He had no idea! Does he never feel her tummy (which she stuffed with pillows and laundry)? What kind of relationship do they have?

The poor guy even drummed up media coverage to help garner sympathy and then money to pay for the little ones. She was finally found out when a local hospital offered her a free examination.

I am ashamed that I perpetuated a lie. I am ashamed of China. I am now petitioning Beijing for redress. Is this what Communism has to offer?

Next month we may be taking in a few Chinese exchange students (highschool age kids). I will hold them accountable for this. Someone will pay.

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Ian said...

I knew it was fake...that's totally a guy!