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Friday, August 25, 2006

Cotton Candy

The main event of the county fair wasn't the pig calling, or the livestock auction, or even the toss-a-dart-at-a-balloon-for-a-lame-poster championship. No, it was our girls trying cotton candy for the first time.

The twins were dubious at first, and I couldn't blame them. Few things look less food-like than pink and blue lumps of fiber. That said, they had faith in their parents when we tore chunks off and cajoled them into eating it. They were hooked immediately.

We actually had a number of people who stopped to watch and take photos. Like I said a couple of days ago - mini-celebrities.

Julia took a bit more convincing, which surprised us. She has no problem stuffing dead leaves and spider webs into her mouth, but then she balks when daddy crams some pink stuff in her mouth? Come on!

After a few moments of sitting and contemplating her options, she finally got a taste of it and, like her sisters, demanded more.

Come to think of it, Julia spent quite a bit of her county fair time begging for various foods from her seat in her stroller. Not all of it was cute enough to photograph.


Max said...

I like eating cobwebs, too, Julia! Don't let anyone tell you it's weird or gross. Have you ever tried cat food? It's fantastic, and it comes with the added spice of forbiddenness. I'll try to smuggle you some the next time I come over.

Raging Wombat said...

Max, must you take my daughter down this dark road, and behind my back? Luckily you posted on my blog and I caught you!