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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Okonomiyaki & Shiratama Dango

Here are our two Japanese students. They are fifteen-years-old and will be staying with us for a total of eighteen days. Their names are Okonomiyaki & Shiratama Dango.

Fools! Don't you know your Japanese cuisine? Those aren't their names - those are names for food! When will you learn? Their real names are Rina and Chikako - rolls quite a bit easier off the American tongue, eh (that was some Canadian inflection for Chelsa). Last night they made us dinner and dessert. Chikako is on the left holding her plate of okonomiyaki (stir fry pancakes) and Rina is on the right holding her bowl of Shiratama Dango (boiled dumplings). They were very eager to cook some Japanese food for us.

They were quite adept at cooking - they even cleaned each dish and utensil as they finished using it.

Annie and I both agree that girls make for easier and better students than boys (they don't seem to slurp near as much, for one). These two have shown us that Japanese young women are polite, helpful, pleasant, and possess voracious appetites. (Rina, the shorter one, has gone back for thirds on more than one meal.) I enjoy passing judgment on an entire people based upon one little example. It's fun. You should try it.

At least, that is how I, a simple gaijin, see it.


Chelsa said...

thanks for the small gust of fresh Canadian air. Now we just need to get you saying "pop" for soda and "zed" for z and we can officially claim another convert.

Raging Wombat said...

To become a true convert wouldn't I also have to admire Mounties, partake of American-funded cheap prescription drugs, and hail the queen?

Chelsa said...

You don't have to admire Mounties, although it helps. You do have to partake of the cheap drugs, but only because it helps get you in the right mood for all the queen-hailing. Officially, however, we can claim you as a convert as soon as we hear you say "pop" or "zed". The rest is all just icing.

Raging Wombat said...

Fair enough, Chelsa, fair enough. I'll just guard my tongue carefully.