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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Flower Girls

On Sunday was my aunt's wedding. Several months ago she asked that the twins serve as flower girls for the big event. We were honored and excited by the invitation. It took quite a bit of effort to get the tutus and the hair scrunchies properly lined up, but it was worth it. Here is the end result:

As you can see, everything turned out painfully cute (please note the petal-laden baskets beside them). Not even the splendor of the Blackhawk Golf Course (in the background) could dim their beauty.

Kate and Genna were given specific instructions: walk down the center aisle, BE CUTE, and toss the petals as you go. They excelled at the first two tasks, but failed at the last (only Genna remembered to toss her petals - and only after the bride had left). Their cuteness was so over the top that every camera in the 150+ person crowd was focused on them and snapping shots feverishly.

[gasp] I need to take a moment here and pull back from my fatherly pride in my girls. I am being undone. Okay. All better. No wait, here's another adorable photo! AAAAHHH!

They were very intrigued by the geese, ducks, and fish in the lake behind them, and spent quite a bit of time leaning out for a better view. This scene was so enchanting that people - complete strangers - stayed behind to photograph it. Even the paid photographers scrambled to capture the moment.

I am becoming way too feminized. Will someone invite me to go to the rifle range, or to a monster truck rally, or strike up a conversation about tanks or motorcycles? Anyone? Please?


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,
What do you think of those VW Beetles, you know the convertebles are out now and you can even get the option with a plastic flower that sticks out on the dash.

...and yes, the girls do look adorable, they must have a ball out there.

Raging Wombat said...

I like the beetles. In fact, our student owns one (though it remains in Oman).

How are you, Waleed?