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Monday, August 21, 2006

Grand Champions

Cute little twin girls are automatic mini-celebrities. You wouldn't believe how many people comment on our girls and even ask to have their pictures taken with them. It is fun, because by extension Annie and I are celebrities, too. The auto-fame of Kate and Genna kicked into hyper-drive at the Yolo County Fair this weekend.

Evidently, there are few things that will draw a crowd more than our two bonnet-wearing twins seeing their first large cow up close and personal (no fence between them). See the people standing there? That is only part of the circle that formed around us as people gathered 'round to see a pair of award-winning twins be introduced to an award-winning bovine.

The owner was so enchanted by the image that he brought over the cow's "Grand Champion, Yolo County Fair 2006" matt for our girls to hold up. You can see the cow standing next to the twins (who have learned to ham it up for the cameras) - the cow seemed to have grasped the chance for a great photo op and stood still for several seconds while the camera flashes and shutters started up.


Chelsa said...

you're not going to start a whole "Daddy Dearest" thing, where you use Kate and Genna's cuteness to brighten your own tarnished dreams, are you?

Raging Wombat said...

Actually, that's exactly what I have planned, more or less. The only difference is that they will be fulfilling my own tarnished dreams, not brigthening them.