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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Bad Combination

I spent all yesterday afternoon, evening, and night in a variety of stomach flu-induced positions - fetal, tortured, and my favorite, 'homage to the porcelain throne.' Vomiting - and other flu related expulsions - triggered fits of coughing and sneezing which caused my neck pain to flare up every time. And I couldn't sleep well because of all the pain. It was wonderful.

It was around 10:30 last night when I finally got comfortable enough on my many pillows to try to fall asleep. I had almost drifted into a drug-hazed slumber when I caught the smell of whatever our Japanese students were cooking (yes, at that late hour!). I fought wavesof nausea at the smell while Annie tried to soothe me. Weariness finally overcame me, and after about 10 minutes of warding off the stench of their cooking I fell asleep.

Annie discovered the next morning what they had cooked. They had unearthed another package of natto - fermented (rotten) soy beans - and cooked it up with ... guess ... go ahead and guess ... that's right - HOTDOGS!

I am drafting legislation to outlaw such concoctions. It is unholy.


Ian said...

Im natto ever going to eat natto. That joke was dumb...but you know its true.

stina said...

I once had a teacher that referred to puking as "engaging in the technicolor yawn." That still makes me smile. Though, when one is actually engaging in said yawn, not much can inspire a smile. I am sorry.

Raging Wombat said...

Ian - you are wise in your refusal to eat natto.

Kristina - that is a great way to put it. I love it! And yes, it made me smile - less than 24 hours after 'yawning.'

chelsa said...

if there is a silver lining in that horrible story, maybe it's this: sometimes if you eat or smell something right when you're getting sick, it ruins that food for you for years afterwards, because you associate it with feeling nauseous. At least with natto and hotdogs, nothing was ruined for you that you will miss.

Raging Wombat said...

Only Chelsa could find the silver-lining in vomit. Well done!

Uncle Chrissy said...

Sorry your sick. Puking it THE WORST. I'd rather have the runs for a month than puke for 2 days. Bring it.

Don't they leave tomorrow? Should I bring the keg?

Ian said...

But check this out. I bet you tommorow your abbs will be ripped! Oh wait, according to your last picture your abs already are ripped.

Raging Wombat said...

Chrissy - only if the keg is full of fermented soybean extract.

Ian - my abs are amazing. You'll have to check them out.