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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

FHE Gone Wrong

Last night we had a very ... interesting family home evening. Our Monday nights can be a bit tricky - it isn't the easiest to keep two 2-3/4-year-olds and a baby entertained through a gospel lesson, but we do our best.

We opened up with rousing renditions of "Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree" and "Once There Was A Snowman" and then had a prayer. Annie taught the lesson, which consisted of holding up a painting of numerous animals, depicting the Creation. The twins had a fun time pointing out the different animals - whales, seals, lions, birds, etc. Annie then asked, "Who made the animals?"
Kate's answer: "Patty!" (their nursery leader).

Annie suppressed her laugh and said, "Yes, Patty draws animals for you. But who created all of the animals."
Annie, pressing on, said, "Jesus made all of the animals, didn't he?"
Kate responded, "Yes! Jesus made all the animals with a magic wand!" She then thrust her hand out, as though waving said wand.

That was it. We all started cracking up, including my siblings who were in attendance. Clearly, the world of Disney had once again been blurred with the Gospel. I can only imagine that Kate had in her mind some image of a fairy godmother/Christ being, complete with blue robes and a wand, creating animals. After all, doesn't the fairy godmother transform mice into horses, dogs into footmen, etc.? We need to get this all straightened out, and soon!


Kelly Lindsay said...

metrica mula bibity boola bibity bobity boo. He can do magic believe it or not. Bibity Bobity Boo.

Raging Wombat said...

Who told you the sacred words? WHO?? Blasphemer!