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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Praise for Yuki

I've been hard on Yuki lately. His cuisine still leaves quite a bit to be desired (his dishes are becoming increasingly unrecognizable) and he is still an absentee roommate / exchange student (I think he may just have a ton of homework), but his housekeeping has been great.

He and Ryo take turns cleaning the common bathroom. We can always tell when Yuki does it, because he folds the toilet paper roll like so:

It makes us feel like we live in a fancy hotel! The rest of the bathroom looks great, too.

Not only that, but he is meticulous when it comes to cleaning the kitchen after he cooks. The other day we came home to find our white porcelain sink the cleanest and sparkliest it has been since I first installed it. We asked him what his trick was., and he motioned to some Comet. He must also have some magical Japanese powers, because I have tried the same cleaner and the sink didn't look that much better.

Now if I could only get him to agree to wear the tracking device and webcam I have procured for him ...

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