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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Temple Bride

On Saturday the whole Lindsay clan (one sister excluded) caravaned down to the Oakland Temple to meet up with my grandpa and aunt. It was very busy due to a youth conference and several weddings. Amidst the bands of roving groom's men and bride's maids were two or three brides, decked out in their white dresses.

As we walked past one such bride, Kate and Genna both slowed to a stop. "She's beautiful," Kate said. "She's a princess!" Then Genna piped in, "Oh! A princess!"

As they continued to stare and exclaim, the bride overheard them. She posed for them, much to their delight. I could tell that my girls' adoration had made her day (oh ya, and also getting married). I finally had to pick them up to get them to the car, causing Kate to cry.

For the next couple of days, these "temple princesses" were the talk of the house. Yesterday Annie tried to clarify that they weren't actual princesses. Rather, that they were brides getting married at the temple.

To illustrate the point, she got out our wedding photo album to show them pictures of her dressed in her bridal gown at the temple. They freaked out and compelled Annie to show them every picture several times over. Annie loved it.

Marriage is a lost principle on their two-year-old minds. Instead, mommy is now a temple princess. Annie is just fine with that title.


Ian said...

Im really stoked about getting to see the inside of the Sac Town temple soon. We will have to make a day of it.

Anonymous said...

Annie is a beautiful Temple Princess.

Love, Mom