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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It has been just over two years since we moved into our house, and the new carpeting we had installed didn't hold up. Floors-2-Go came out and inspected their product, and they determined that the carpet they installed was from a bad batch. To their credit, they agreed to hook us up with brand-spanking new carpet, free of charge.

But not free from pain and effort.

We had to spend the entire evening yesterday moving everything out of our living room and play room. At this very moment, this is how our kitchen looks:

Contents include our entertainment center, a 68-gallon fish tank (700 lbs of water, equipment, and slippery fish), a studio piano, tables, chairs, floor lamps, etc. Other portions of our house are temporarily housing a buffet, bookshelves, a play kitchen, a changing table, and all sorts of odds and ends. We are so dreading the day when we actually have to move.

My family was indispensable in getting the moving done. My herniated neck disc doesn't allow for much heaving lifting (though I still over did it) or much bending to unwire electronics. Plus, the girls had to be contained through the whole process. Thanks mom, dad, and Jared!

Today the carpet guys come in to get the work done. Hopefully this new batch will outlive its warranty. We shall see.


chelsa said...

admit it . . . you knew this day would come, and purposefully herniated your neck disk to avoid unplugging electronics.

Raging Wombat said...

That was my intent, but I didn't want such a large one.

Buppa H said...

The first time we ever bought carpet was in New Orleans. It was our first home and we wanted it to look nice. We called up a distributor from the phone book and the sales rep/owner brought by some samples. These all looked pretty good. Nice, dense shag. Well, when the actual carpet was installed you could tell it was not the same carpet. There was so much space between the fibers you could see the actual backing.

Of course, the guy could no longer be found and even though we only paid our first installment, it was still a rip off.

Since then, I actually count fibers (in one square inch) when I buy carpet. Caveat emptor - "let the buyer beware."

Raging Wombat said...

This time around, Annie took a look at the carpeting going in, to make sure that the shag was properly affixed to the adhesive. It would seem that it passed muster.

Just to be sure, though, we are instituting a new policy of no shoes on the carpet.