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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fake Mom

This lady - and her husband - faked being pregnant with sextuplets in an effort to leech off the generosity of others to pay their bills. Take a look at this photo of the fake mom:

Now, what expectant mother carrying 6 babies could ever sleep comfortably on her back? Wasn't that clue enough? Evidently, they were found out after a month had gone by following the 'births', and no records or details could be provided by the 'parents.'

These people, the Everson's, are the worst sort of folk, but they are thankfully dumb. I can see faking a pregnancy with twins, but why did they have to do 6? Such tangled webs ...

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stina said...

Good point about laying on her back. They're obviously trying to show off her big belly. About 7 months pregnant w/Ethan I almost passed out in the dentist's chair halfway through the cleaning. I actually had to sit up for the rest of the appt.