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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drop And Give Me Twenty!

I'm having Julia do push ups for a two reasons:

First: With three kids, discipline in the house is lacking. With two kidlets, parents can engage in man-to-man defense to contain them. With three, though, we are on zone defense. These push ups are meant to instill discipline in our near 10-month-old.
Second: She will need the strength to fend off Genna's daily maulings.

Actually, Julia began doing this spontaneously. This is her pre-crawl position. She can now bring her feet completely under her, in imitation of Mowgli of Jungle Book fame.

She is now crawling, though she prefers the lesser 'army crawl' (hauling herself forward by using her arms only). Her increased mobility has totally changed our parenting. She no longer stays in one place, but will soon disappear from view if left unattended for 30 seconds (usually to go chew some unmentionable).

We are now cleaning and vacuuming more, and we have had to rearrange our household so the twins' books and choking items (yes, we let them play with garotte wire, plastic bags, and larynx-sized marbles - they're fun!) aren't accessible to her.

Having little kids requires constant adjustment to your parenting and to your home's layout. They are always developing and growing, and becoming increasingly capable of destruction. I might start having the twins do push ups. One push up for every zombie-moan from Genna and one push up for every screech/slap combination from Kate. That might do the trick.


mom #2 said...

i did it, i did it. this i very cute. what little dolls they are. the girls are getting to little ladies. and i love julia'a push-ups. i will see you later today. i will check in on your blob more. sorry about the sp. i just noticed and am too lazy to fix them. you can be excused from that after you turn fifty. hee hee love mom

Raging Wombat said...

I'm glad that you will come to my blob more often.

I am also working on getting Julia proficient at pull ups.

mom said...

I understand Julia is now into one-handed pull-ups.

Raging Wombat said...

Ya, she is amazing. She really excels at Hatha Yoga.